===Eco-Friendly Cleaning===

Greener Cleaner eco-experts

At Greener Cleaner® we are devoted to doing things the right way, for the right reason. We are committed to delivering eco-friendly cleaning products with outstanding performance – ensuring a kinder, ecologically sound way to help and protect the world we all live in!

Greener Cleaner® is a complete range of high quality, high performance green alternatives to your regular cleaning materials. Made from 100%* recycled and naturally sourced materials, you can feel good about doing your part to protect the environment!

*Eco-Flek range is made from 100% recycled plastic and sustainable wood pulp mix. Nature range handles are made from 100% bamboo.


                                    ===What makes Greener Cleaner Unique?===

green scrubbing brushesOur Greener Cleaner® range of products are developed for performance whilst being kinder to the environment and your family.

Our brushes are durable with tough bristles; ideal for removing tough dirt and grime when washing dishes, floors or any other household surface.

Our grips and handles are environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed to ensure cleaning is effortless.

Enjoy using them as much as you can – The Eco Expert Team!



===Recycled plastic in action===

recycled plastic squegeeAll handles and bristles are made from 100% recycled material* which is sustainable and kind to the environment. Our eco-experts have worked hard to ensure our wood flek, patented technology performs as well or better than your normal products.

Our eco-friendly composite Eco-Flek, can also be recycled after use with other recyclable plastics, therefore dramatically reducing landfill. Made from recycled plastic and recycle after use – that’s a win-win for the environment!

*Handles (except for our Telescopic Broom) made from 100% recycled plastic and sustainable wood pulp. Bristles made from 100% recycled plastic.


===Superior cleaning performance===

  • All Eco-Flek brushes are made from 100% recycled plastic and sustainable wood pulp*
  • Durable & strong brush bristles made from 100% recycled plastic – ideal for removing dirt and grime when washing dishes or any household surface
  • Feathered fibre ends on our Eco-Flek brooms and dustpans to gather dust and dirt more effectively
  • 1 year dishwasher guarantee for all of our Eco-Flek brushes
  • Special features on each product to deliver superior cleaning

*Eco-Flek handle and solid parts made from 100% recycled plastic and wood pulp mix


===What is Greener Cleaner Nature?===

natural cleaning with bamboo

Our eco-experts have developed our Nature range.

They have chosen handles made from 100% sustainable bamboo, which is the world’s fastest renewable resource and easy to recycle.

We have a great range of high quality bamboo and plastic products for use all around the home.

Enjoying cleaning with our products!