===Got a question? Let’s hear it…===

On this page you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding both online ordering and product detail.

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact us and we will be happy to answer.

====Q. Do you have any shops?====

A. At the moment we have no dedicated retail stores for Greener Cleaner®. We do however sell our products in many high-street retail stores. Why not keep an eye out for us or better still ask in-store and demand they start stocking our range!

====Q. How much do you charge for delivery?====

A. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page

====Q. What are the products made from?====

A. Our Greener Cleaner® Eco-Flek range has handles made from a patented eco-composite of recycled plastic and sustainable wood pulp and bristles made from 100% recycled plastic. The exceptions to this are the Window Wiper where the rubber blade is made from PET plastic and the Telescopic broom where the handle is metal (but the head is made from the Eco-Flek composite).

Our Greener Cleaner® Nature range has handles made from bamboo and plastic bristles and shaft.

====Q. Can I recycle the products after use?====

A. Yes, all of our products can be recycled after use (with the exception of the Nature Magnet Duster feathers).