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Ultimate Set

The Ultimate Set includes: Pot & Pan Brush, Dish Brush, Utility Brush, Scrubbing Brush, Window Wiper, Dustpan & Brush, Duster and Telescopic Broom. All high performance, environmentally friendly products for a complete household clean.  Now made from 100% recycled plastic!

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* 100% recycled plastic Eco-Flek finish

*1 x Pot & Pan Brush – Cleans all types of pots, pans, dishes, glass, ceramic & plastic.

*1 x Dish Brush – Cleans all types of dish, pans, glass, ceramic & plastic. Extra tough scrubby bristles on upper side.

* 1 x Utility Brush – With extra tough scrubby bristles on upper side of brush for tough dirt

*1 x Scrubbing Brush – Great to clean most surfaces around the home including floors, tiles, stone, pots and pans.

*1 x Window Wiper – Removes water & liquids from windows, glass, tiles, showers and cars.

*1 x Dustpan & Brush – With rubber front to catch all dirt and feathered fibre ends for better, more effective cleaning

*1 x Duster – Polyester static charge fibres to attract dust

*1 x Telescopic Broom – With soft rubber bumpers and adjustable Twist and Lock handle; for inside and outside the home

* Available in 2 colours

* Rinse clean with water

* 1 year dishwasher guarantee on Pot & Pan Brush, Scrubbing Brush, Dish Brush and Utility Brush


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